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Tahitian Pearls
Welcome to our Tahitian pearls
collection. We sell the finest, natural
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Golden South Sea Pearls
South Sea Gold Pearls
Our golden South Sea pearls are
completely natural in color,
never dyed, or color-
enhanced in any way.
Our prices on
golden South
Sea pearl jewelry
cannot be beat! .
South Sea Pearls
Our South Sea pearls collection includes beautiful white South Sea pearls in addition to golden pearls. There are incredible values to be found in our South Sea pearl
collection, as well as South
Sea pearl earrings
and South Sea
pearl ring
selections at low prices!
South Sea Pearls
Pearl Tie tack, Pearl Cufflinks
We offer pearl cufflinks and pearl tie tacks with Tahitian pearls, white South Sea pearls, and golden South Sea pearls. We also offer mens' South Sea pearl and Tahitian pearl necklace and bracelet collections
Pearl Jewelry for Men.
March 5, 2016
A Statement Piece ! We are please to offer a remarkable price on this round golden South Sea pearl necklace. The beautiful golden pearls simply glow. Let
us prepare coordinating golden pearl earrings for you!'
Gold Pearl Necklace
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New Arrivals Update

We recently received an very special lot of high luster South Sea pearls. These pearls are semi-round, with exquisite luster and beautiful overtones of pink and gold. We will be preparing finished jewelry with these pearls and adding these styles to our site. If you are interested in purchasing loose pearls from this lot, please contact us. We also received a lot of round Tahitian pearls in 12mm to 15mm size. We are working hard to turn them into strands, and the prices are really remarkable! You can see some of them in our Tahitian pearl necklace section already. We have also received many white South Sea pearls in teardrop shapes, and will be working on making jewelry such as pendants and earrings using these pearls. We also got some great golden South Sea pearl strands, and we added several to the site. Did you know that we make custom pieces, also at wholesale prices? Contact us to make a custom piece to your specifications! As always, we will work hard to add these items to our website, but make sure to call to request photos to have first-crack at these deals, and to be added to our interest list.

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Quick Pearl Guide
Tahitian pearls are black pearls that are grown in the waters of French Polynesia. Although they are commonly referred to as black pearls, Tahitian pearls are found in a large variety of natural colors such as silvery white, light and dark grays, greens, blues, yellows, and purples. They range in size from about 7mm to over 18mm. Our Tahitian pearl jewelry is made to order with fine export-quality Tahitian pearls, individually inspected by the government of French Polynesia. Our Tahitian pearls are always natural in color, never dyed. South Sea pearls are among the largest and most sought-after pearls in the world. White South Sea pearls are grown in Australia, while golden South Sea pearls are grown in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Burma (Myanmar). They range in size from about 8mm to over 18mm. Our white South Sea pearl jewelry and our golden South Sea pearl jewelry are made with genuine South Sea pearls with only the thickest nacre. We do not sell color-enhanced golden South Sea pearls. Akoya pearls are the original Japanese salt water pearl. They range in size from about 4mm to 9mm, and are the most popular pearl variety. Freshwater pearls are grown in China, and come in beautiful, natural white, pink, lavender, and apricot colors. They range in size from about 4mm to 13mm. We use only top quality, natural color (not dyed) in freshwater pearls in our jewelry.

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